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They came from another world, but it's not an invasion, it's an immigration.

Dragons, devils, and druids live among us, just trying to get by. Holy swords are put to use chopping carrots instead of slicing skeletons. The Mystery Integration Bureau oversees the the newcomers' introduction to modern Earth society, while ordinary people acclimate to the strangers. And not everything is going to go smoothly... where does a witch park her walking hut? What's it like having an unicorn for a roommate?

Can a stone golem keep up in the fast-paced world of advertising?

Winner of the Okashicon x NinjaHELL! Productions Anime RPG Design Contest,MELWAFF: My Exciting Life With a Fantasy Foreigner is a tabletop storytelling RPG dramedy where everyday people meet fantasy folk and anime-styled hijinks result. Play an Earth native, a fantasy "newcomer", or a M.I.B. agent and tell a story of what happens when the magical and bombastic meets the modern world. Seek your dreams either mystical or mundane, as your friends join in with shenanigans. Enjoy legitimate surprise mechanics as the "Fate Deck" introduces new twists and hopes throughout every episode of play!

A tabletop RPG for 4-8 players. Includes a 22 page rulebook, a print-and-play tarot deck designed by Christopher Reynolds for use with the game, or it can be played with an existing tarot deck.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorJulian Kay
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
TagsAnime, Comedy, Fantasy, Non violent, Slice Of Life, Tabletop


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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MELWAFF is a 22 page slice-of-life game about a modern world dealing with immigration from a fantasy dimension.

It's a group game, and tarot-based, and the overall tone is comedic and light-hearted.

It *is* fairly earth-centric (earth is lightly positioned as the peaceful, forward-thinking society while the fantasy plane is lightly positioned as chaotic and backwards,) but players can play characters from either earth or the otherworld, and the game revolves around their cultural misunderstandings.

It also uses an episodic structure, and it deliberately sets up one character as the main character of each given episode. Players have a fair bit of control over whether they want to be the main character, and the supporting cast is still plenty involved, so this doesn't come off as intrusive, and it makes for a kind of interesting natural character-development spotlight.

Character progression is kind of weird and crunchy, in that you play a card game to accomplish it, but it's also extremely soft in that you don't mechanically advance your character---you determine whether they made progress towards achieving their dreams at the end of the episode. I found myself liking this a lot, and it ties very well to the softer tone of the game.

Overall, I think if you like lighter, very character-focused games (and probably specifically if you like Golden Sky Stories,) you should check this one out. Alternately, if you want to play a high-fantasy sitcom, or a cross-worlds romance, or maybe even a very character-focused small-town supernatural horror, I think you could use MELWAFF for that as well.