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Faith & Sails is a gmless microRPG about religious refugees escaping persecution to a life of piracy. Each die becomes a crew member, each decision carries a risk, and when somebody's lost, they go off into the drink! (Specifically, a cup of water.)

Each soul lost becomes part of a future prophecy, its die tumbling into the sea, warning and providing aid on your journey. Have your seer peer into the cup to predict the future, reading the dice held within. And when the water overflows, you decide how your journey ends.

Part of the 2021 One-Page RPG Jam!

Behemoths, sea storms, and colonial persecution remain at your back throughout, providing a threat to life and limb beyond even your anti-imperialist endeavors. Will you strike a blow against your oppressors, raid them of their goods, and sing a prayer to your gods? Or will you sink, your people forgotten to all but the spirits?

Winner of an Award from The Awards '21-'22!

The Awards selects twenty TTRPG projects to highlight, and Faith & Sails didn't fall beneath their notice! When you're done with this two-page journey, take a look at the other winners!

Only the sea can tell your story.

Includes one double-sided copy of the game and an inverted printer-friendly version. Requires a bowl of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12), pen, paper, a tumbler or mid-sized glass, a spoon, and water. Comes both in a single page 8.5" x 11" (216 mm x 279 mm) version and a larger 11" x 17" (279 mm x 432 mm) "Deluxe" version designed to be folded as a z-fold brochure.


Buy Now$3.95 USD or more

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Faith & Sails 11x17 Brochure Deluxe Edition.pdf 28 MB
Faith & Sails 11x17 Brochure Deluxe Edition (printer friendly).pdf 3 MB
Faith & Sails v2 8.5x11 Letter Edition.pdf 10 MB
Faith & Sails v2 8.5x11 Letter Edition (printer-friendly).pdf 10 MB

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Faith & Sails is a content-packed GMless RPG that fits a lot on a single (2-sided) page. You are religious refugees escaping persecution to a life of piracy. Your crew are represented by dice that may perish in the sea (tumbler of water).